What exactly do Mortgage Brokers do for their customers?


Mortgage Brokers act as intermediaries. Their main role is to match you with prospective lenders (such as banks) and financial products (such as mortgages).

Tailored to you

Mortgage Brokers provide you with personalised end-to-end service, from initial interview to application, through to settlement.

A wealth of knowledge

Mortgage Brokers provide you with information about a range of available mortgage products to help your understanding of the different options, and to help you choose what’s right for you.

Expertise at every step

Mortgage Brokers assist you with the process to follow when applying for a mortgage.

Helping negotiate

Mortgage Brokers act on your behalf to negotiate with lenders to find an appropriate product for you.

Competitive spirit

Mortgage Brokers help bring competition to the mortgage industry, providing you access to a range of lenders other than the Big 4.

Spoilt for choice

Mortgage Brokers can offer you mortgage finance products from a range of lenders (on average, 34 lenders).

Great value

Typically, consumers don't pay Mortgage Brokers for the services they provide. Usually Mortgage Brokers receive a commission from the lender for each home loan they settle.

The creative content for this MFAA Consumer Campaign features mortgage brokers interacting with their clients, as well as paid actors.

In order for the message to have credibility, parts of the campaign features real mortgage brokers and ambassadors who have in fact used a mortgage broker.

The MFAA accordingly advises that selection of the campaign ambassadors, Kyal and Kara, who have been contracted and remunerated to appear in the campaign, was partially based on their personal experience in engaging and working with mortgage brokers.

All other individuals that appear as mortgage brokers in campaign material are MFAA member brokers, who were selected based on industry recommendations and the requirements of the campaign. No MFAA members were paid for their appearance in the campaign.