Campaign resources

All campaign resources can be found in this section. This section will also be continually updated as new resources are made available. Simply download the asset you’re after and use it to promote our campaign for maximum traction with your clients and community members.

Download the broker kit (2MB)

Download the television commercial (3MB)

Download the radio ad (6MB)

Download the digital banner ads (500KB)

Download the email signatures (130KB)

Download the social assets (3MB)

Download the print assets – teaser (6MB)

Download the print assets – campaign (3MB)

Download the pull-up banners (285MB)

The creative content for this MFAA Consumer Campaign features mortgage brokers interacting with their clients, as well as paid actors.

In order for the message to have credibility, parts of the campaign features real mortgage brokers and ambassadors who have in fact used a mortgage broker.

The MFAA accordingly advises that selection of the campaign ambassadors, Kyal and Kara, who have been contracted and remunerated to appear in the campaign, was partially based on their personal experience in engaging and working with mortgage brokers.

All other individuals that appear as mortgage brokers in campaign material are MFAA member brokers, who were selected based on industry recommendations and the requirements of the campaign. No MFAA members were paid for their appearance in the campaign.